National Colloid Industry (NCI) is one of the leading manufacturers of Guar Gum in Pakistan. NCI produces Guar Gum Splits, Guar Gum Powder which are used in food, Industrial and other applications. NCI factory’s production lines and research facilities are setup to meet the international standards. NCI’s products are developed and manufactured under strict quality controls and standards.

NCI has an integrated modern manufacturing facility situated in Dhabeji near Karachi, a major port and business centre in South Asia, provides it with easy access to land, sea and air transportation routes. The factory manufactures derivatives of Guar Gum which are used namely in Oil Well Drilling, Mining, Textile, Mosquito Coils, Paper & Board, Tobacco, and Food, etc.

National Colloid Industry (NCI) was established with an aim of capturing a significant share in this highly competitive market through quality of the products and customer satisfaction. The company has employed a team of professionals with firm background and technical knowledge of production, extraction and derivatisation of Guar Gum which make sure the produced Guar Gum and its respective derivatives meet the international standards.