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Guar Meal is the by-product obtained after Guar Gum is extracted from Guar Seed and is a consumable feed for cattle, poultry, fisheries and other livestock. Guar Meal is a natural agricultural product and is non-GMO (Genetically modified Organism). Since it is a natural product, it has no chemical additives or preservatives. It is rich in proteins and fibres and has some essential oils and fats.

Guar Meal gives variable amount of protein contents based on the processing that has been done on Guar beans. National Colloid Industry's manufacturing facility has been able to obtain Guar Meal of moderate to high protein values. Thus making it possible to reach the highly differentiating demand of the consumers.

  • GUAR MEAL is used as cattle feed by itself or in conjunction with other feed stuff.
  • It gives better weight gaining results while maintaining the quality of meat.
  • In poultry industry, Guar Meal is mixed with other feed as an ingredient in preparation of high protein poultry feed.
  • Guar Meal improves the quality of broiler feed to give better results of weight gain and to obtain healthy meat.
  • For egg laying hens, it depicts favourable results in regards to shell breaking strength, yolk colour, moisture, and weight of eggs.
  • Guar Meal can also be used as a feed additive in aquaculture and other livestock.