Available Brands:
GFood 40
GFood 50
GFood 60

FOOD GRADE is natural unmodified Guar Gum or modified Guar Gum or combination thereof suitable for consumption in food and food articles as a stabilizer, thickener, binder, emulsifier, disintegrator and suspending agent. Food Grade is obtained by processing the endosperm splits of Guar seed. The processing of split is carried out according to the required characteristics of the finished products.

NCI produces the FOOD GRADE unmodified Guar Gum and markets it with the brand name of GFood™. NCI staff makes sure food safety standards and hygiene are strictly followed during the production of FOOD GRADE. GFood’s well known uses are in:

  1. Beverages, Juices & Soups
  2. Bread, Cookies, Cakes & Baked Food
  3. Cheese and Dairy Products
  4. Confectionery
  5. Ice cream & Frozen food
  6. Ketchup, Sauces, Mayonnaise & Dressings

1.    Beverages, Juices & Soups:

GFood is used to produce high quality, low calorie and long life beverages and juices. It

  • provides outstanding viscosity control in beverages, juices and soups,
  • suspends the pulp of juices and soups evenly,
  • hold the suspended pulp for longer time periods and increases shelf life,
  • thickens the soups and syrups without changing the taste or smell, and
  • reduces calories value in low calories beverages.

2.    Bread, Cookies, Cakes & Baked Food:

GFood has well known uses in bread, cookies, cakes and baked food. It

  • acts as a binder to improve the quality of dough,
  • provides unparallel moisture preservation to the dough,
  • makes removal of baked items easier from moulds,
  • improves the appearance of products, texture and colour,
  • prevents extra crumbling,
  • helps reduce calories in baked items, and
  • retards fat penetration in baked food.

3.    Cheese and Dairy Products:


  • reduces the separation time of casein,
  • increases product yield,
  • improves texture and colour,
  • maintains uniform viscosity, and
  • also acts as a stabilizer in cheese.

4.    Confectionery:

GFood is used to produce the highest grade confectionery. It

  • controls viscosity of blends made for confectionery,
  • maintains the strength of pastes during extensive moulding,
  • helps reduce the fat bloom in chocolates and other confectionery,
  • helps forming layered gels in confectionery to reduce sugar levels whereas maintaining the same perceived sweetness level,
  • improves glazing and provides strength to chocolate confectionery and chocolate coated biscuits for better glazing, and
  • provides better moisture retention for fresher look for longer period.

5.    Ice cream & Frozen food:

GFood has proven to be of cost effective and quality improving component of Ice cream and frozen food. It

  •  reduces crystals formation,
  • acts as a binder to help maintain a uniform solution,
  • helps in suspending the contents of solutions,
  • provides outstanding viscosity control,
  • improves texture and colour,
  • helps reduce calories value in low calorie products, and
  • acts as a stabilizer to extend shelf life of Ice creams and Frozen food.

6.    Ketchup, Pickles, Mayonnaise & Dressings:


  • acts as a water binder in sauces & salad dressings,
  • reduces water & oil separation,
  • helps maintain the uniform solution,
  • stabilizes the ingredients of the products, and
  • helps thickening the product to reduce processing cost and evaporation loss.